Blossomed by Paige Bimberg, age 10

07/22/2009 17:08



by Paige Bimberg


   It was a very special occasion. My Grandma brought out the fancy china teacups and a large, crystal vase. Small, dainty silverware lined the bright, floral place mats and soft, pink napkins added a feminine touch. Mouth-watering baked goods gave off an amazing aroma, filling the house up with a homey air. The stout, little teapot on the stove whistled and tooted like a train. I was certain that it would be the best tea party ever! 

   At two o’clock, my friends started to file in, their dresses and skirts flouncing gracefully. My Grandma and I made sure that everyone was cordially introduced to one another, then we headed toward the dining room. All of a sudden, little hands were branching out to the baked goods, only to be shoved back into place and taught the polite way to ask for the plate. After that brief manner lesson, my Grandma cleared her throat, signaling everyone’s attention. She strolled into the kitchen and came out with a small ball, about the size of a walnut. She seemed pretty interested in it, but no one could figure out what the big deal was. 

   “What do you think this is?” she questioned the whole group. We had no clue, and by the look of Grandma’s grin we knew our guesses weren’t even close. 

   “ Well, you are just going to have to find out yourselves.” She chuckled, and without further ado, dropped the item into the vase. She then hustled back into the kitchen.


   Grandma came out with a tall glass of water. Everyone was silent and we could hear the slashing of water onto the cup’s sides. With one graceful, sweeping motion, Grandma poured the water into the vase. It collapsed onto the ball and made it twirl. We watched the ball, knowing that something had to happen. 

   “ Hey, is that a petal?” I asked, pointing to a small, colorless flap emerging from the ball. Grandma smiled. 

   “ You know what, I think this ball isn’t what it seems.” My friend commented.  

   “Hey! This isn’t a ball. It’s a flower!” someone shouted. Then we all got it. 

   It was beautiful, and it gave me a sense of life and happiness. As I watched the rest of the flower bloom into the size of a child’s fist, I decided that this was the best tea party ever!